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I'm back!!

Did try to log in a few weeks ago but my password kept getting refused.
Anywho our little lady arrived on the 4th of April so she is 5 weeks old now and doing great.
I am totally in love as is her daddy and big brother.

They were so supportive in the hospital, I really cannot praise the midwives and doctors enough. It was totally different from my last experience.
I am breastfeeding and it is going great I am so happy to report.
It really is amazing how 2 experiences can be so different.
It's Liam's 6th birthday today so I better get my fat ass in gear and get cooking.

Oh yeah we named our little lady, Sarah!

Jan. 5th, 2011

God what a Christmas!! Car died,oven died and I'm dying of a never ending cough.
Can't believe I'm 27 weeks pregnant now,it's really real now.
I have a few hospital appointments this month so I am hoping I will get a date for my C- section at my next appointment.
Having a few hormonal meltdowns and starting to feel that low again that I always feel around now near my brothers anniversary, cannot believe he is gone nearly 4 years.

Anywho will write more again,am of to bed now to try and sleep sitting up.....

Dec. 3rd, 2010

Baby kicking lots, it's really cheering me up.

Nov. 29th, 2010

Just a quick one tonight, I am totally wrecked.
We had our big scan today and it looks like we will be having a baby girl!!!!I can't believe it, I was so sure it was a boy but I am thrilled. Baby is doing great and all is looking good.

Off for a good nights kip now!!

Put up tree and decorations today with Pat giving out that it was to early but I don't care I want lights and candles and Christmassy music and cookies!!!!!!!!

Jul. 3rd, 2010

 So much for having pregnancy symptoms, got my fricking period today and the pain is horrible. I think I am having to pay for only have 3 periods in the last 4 years.
Didn't have any wine for the last while just in case but opened a bottle tonight, had one glass and now I feel sick.Pats gone out with some friends tonight and I really hope he enjoys himself, he never goes out and I have been an absolute hormonal bitch for the last few days. He really deserves it.  
I started thinking god I hope I can pregnant and there's nothing wrong with me....why do I drive myself mad sometimes???

Went to the cinema last week with a friend and saw Sex and the city, total crap!
Just watched The Lovely Bones earlier and enjoyed it, I had read the book and of course the book is better but the film is good.
I have put on 6 yes 6 pounds in 1 month and I feel bloated, everything is getting tight on me. Will have to start watching what I eat.
 I am getting major pregnancy symptoms but I really don't want to get my hopes up, have hidden the tests away till week(was getting a little obsessive about testing even though it's ridiculously early).

I took Liam swimming twice this week and when we were changing to leave yesterday, the changing area was quiet and Liam and myself got such a fright with this man who must have thought no one else was around was shouting at his kid(who looked around Liam's age and who Liam was playing with in the pool) and then I heard him slap him around 4 times and use the f word to him. I didn't know what to do so I banged on our door and started talking loudly to Liam and the guy stopped but it really scared Liam and myself, the poor kid. If this is the way this so called dad treats his son in public god knows what happens behind closed doors.
Liam asked me why was the little boys daddy hurting him in the car on the way home,  I just told him that some people do that but that hitting is always wrong even if its a mammy or daddy doing it. I told him that the daddy was annoyed and he took his anger out on the boy which was not fair or right.My heart just breaks for these kids having to deal with their parents lack of control. Not saying I am perfect by any means, I have lost it a few times but never to the extent that I am whacking and shouting abuse at my 5 year old. 

Jun. 21st, 2010

 I really have to get to bed so I'll just do a quick post.

Feeling very strange right now, have been getting terrible pains where my c-section scar is and ended up with out of hours doc yesterday morning and only I would end up with a bloody biscuit of a doctor who just said it's a kidney infection and sent me home with antibiotics and ponston even though the pee test came back clear??? I asked him where these safe to take because we are trying to get pregnant and he proceeded to tell me that I probably wouldn't get pregnant for a long time because I have had the implant in for so long so I bloody well corrected him and informed him that with this implant your fertility should return to normal after it is removed and he just said well I am not very familiar with the implanon, I mean wtf?? why say stuff when you don't know what your taking about about......anyway I am gonna call my gp tomorrow and chat to him, I don't want to take the tablets if there might be a chance that I could be pregnant.

Weather is fab here, went over to a friends last night for dinner. Just myself and 3 girlfriends, had a lovely night with yummy food.
Can't go to the gym and even walking the dog hurts, I badly need exercise.

Jun. 15th, 2010

What a beautiful day today and yet I felt like crap all day, I hate wasting these rare sunny days feeling like that but I just couldn't help it.
I got the implanon contraceptive device out last week after using it for 4 years and I am like a demented bitch, I tell ye!
But I really can't help it, it's like I am getting 4 years worth of PM bloody S!!!
My poor husband.... I swear I don't know how he puts up with me... 

I am so boring on this, hopefully I will get more interesting in time.....need sleep so am off to the leaba!

Jun. 7th, 2010

 Well, we are back!

Got back from France late Saturday night and boy was I happy to see my bed.
It rained for most of the holiday which turned our camping trip into a nightmare and the whole holiday ended up costing a fortune because we stayed in hotels for some of it. we did get a few sunny days and we had a ball but I will never ever camp again, I have discovered camping in a tent is just not for me anymore, we should have gone in a mobile home or something but tent+rain+child do not make for a relaxing holiday!

Anyway, Liam enjoyed it so thats all that really matters. It was all one big adventure to him.He tried lots of different foods which we were delighted about and he spoke French  a lot which was great. I really enjoyed a place called Perros Guirec which is in Brittany and we spent our last few days there, we have friends that have just moved there also. The had these little electric boats that you could get into and sail around on this big lake, Liam loved this. There were some beautiful beaches there too and yummy restaurants. I am so bloated from all the bread and croissants!! It was a bit pricey I  have to say to eat out etc but the desserts were to die for.

The boat itself was a pleasure, we went with Brittany ferries on the Pont Aven boat and it was lovely.

My advice for anyone planning a trip like this would be,

1-Plan it well if you intend on travelling around France a bit,
2-Do not stay in a tent( we were the only fools in a tent, everyone else was in a mobile or chalet type house)
3-Bring wet wear!
4- Don't trust the Sat nav!! have the map handy.

Anyway will tell more when I have a bit more energy, have a mountain of sand covered washing here!!!
Right, we are up, dressed and fed. I am going to throw the dog in the car and we are off for a walk on the beach. The sun is out and I am not going to waste the day, badly need out of this house for a bit!! 



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